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20200603Jun 03, 2020 Added Guardian Ania to the characters page.
20200530May 30, 2020 Added Grand Master stances :
20200529May 29, 2020 Added Christina to the characters page.
20200401Apr 01, 2020 Updated all Characters stances and skills to version 32.11.01
20200325Mar 25, 2020 Added Tom to the characters page.
20200316Mar 16, 2020 Our Search Engine have been improved, to be able to search into each maps drop list.
20200303Mar 03, 2020 Added Chungha to the characters page.
20200120Jan 20, 2020 Added Resistance Heyran to the characters page.
20191226Dec 26, 2019 Added Resistance JD and Resistance Caisse to the characters page.
20191123Nov 23, 2019 Optimized the Search Engine when selecting 'Stance'.

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