Granado Espada

Granado Espada
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Map Index

Monster Level
Map Type
Map Name ▴
93-104 Field 1F of Skeleton Dungeon
95-106 Field 2F of Skeleton Dungeon
97-107 Field 3F of Skeleton Dungeon
101-102 Field Abertal
4-17 Field Al Quelt Moreza
13-20 Field Al Quelt Moreza Hollow
13-25 Field Al Quelt Moreza, Arcade
9-20 Field Al Quelt Moreza, Nartex
12-22 Field Al Quelt Moreza, Parsonage
110-130 PK Disabled Ancient Castilla, Temple
100-105 PK Disabled Ancient Skeleton Nest 1F
102-105 PK Disabled Ancient Skeleton Nest 2F
100-105 PK Disabled Ancient Skeleton Shelter 1F
102-105 PK Disabled Ancient Skeleton Shelter 2F
None City Armonia
None City Armonia Cathedral
130-142 PK Disabled Armonia, Ancient En Celar
None City Armonia, Anilio
None City Armonia, Apostadero
146-150 Field Armonia, Biego
146-150 Field Armonia, El Adio
146-150 Field Armonia, El Soltado
145-150 Field Armonia, El Templo
145-150 Field Armonia, En Celar
146-150 Field Armonia, Gloria
135-140 Field Armonia, Latina
145-145 Field Bahamar, Altar of Heaven
106-115 PK Disabled Bahamar, Ancient Cave 1F
106-115 PK Disabled Bahamar, Ancient Underground Hiding Place 1F
None City Bahamar, Base Camp
113-116 Field Bahamar, Cave 1F
115-130 Field Bahamar, Cave 2F
107-112 Field Bahamar, Dark Swamp
150-150 Field Bahamar, Forest of Prophet
106-115 PK Disabled Bahamar, Hidden Ancient Cave 1F
None City Bahamar, House of Old Witch
None City Bahamar, House of Witch
105-110 Field Bahamar, Marshlands
None City Bahamar, Room of Witch
109-114 Field Bahamar, Swamp of Eternity
111-114 null Bahamar, Swamp of Peril
100-100 Field Battle Colosseum
None City Bethel
132-150 Field Bethel Plain
65-70 null Bonavista River
None City Bounty Hunters Guild
None City Bristia Government Ge.
None Field Bristia, the Scar
120-135 Field Cabeza de Gigante
102-106 Field Capybara Plantation
None City Castilla, Base 1
100-120 Instance Castilla, Mine
114-130 Instance Castilla, Relic
110-118 Field Castilla, Ruins
120-125 Field Castilla, Temple
None Instance Castilla, Tower of Chaos
17-27 Field Cathari Falls
None City Cite de Reboldoeux
None City City of Auch
None Field Clock Tower Basement Lobby
None PK Disabled Coimbra Nimrod Bridge
118-124 Field Corazon de Gigante
67-85 Field Crater of Jaquin
None Field Deadlands Entrance
23-26 Instance Demonic Al Quelt Moreza Hollow, Arcade
53-56 Instance Demonic Porto Bello, Hold
43-46 Instance Demonic Tetra, Catacomb
104-105 Field Deprimida Valley
63-67 null Deserted Quay of Porto Bello
63-130 Field Desolate Cliff of Porto Bello
145-145 Field Distorted Time: Snowfield of the Ice Wizard
145-145 Field Distorted Time: Torsche Mansion
150-150 Field Distorted time: Imperium Arma
None Field Distorted time: Imperium Glory
150-150 Field Distorted time: Imperium Rex
78-92 Field El Canon de Diabolica
50-75 null El Lago de Tres Hermanas
78-102 Field El Ruina de Memoria
77-85 Field El Tejado Verde
None City Ernesto's Cabin
None City Errac
109-120 Field Errac, Land of Day
109-120 Field Errac, Land of Night
4-13 null Ferruccio Junction
102-105 Field Ferruccio Wall
108-110 Field Frozen Plain
19-29 null Garden of Kings
None Field Gate of Reboldoeux Queen
100-105 PK Disabled Hidden Ancient Skeleton Nest
None City Hiding Place
None City Illisia
132-132 Field Imperium Arma
132-132 Field Imperium Glory
132-132 Field Imperium Rex
120-135 Field Inside Crater
118-123 Field Interna de Gigante
60-111 Field Island of Fire
75-96 Field Jaquin, Altar of Despair
76-85 Field Jaquin, Corridor of Assize
80-100 Field Jaquin, Gehenna Bridge
76-90 PK Disabled Jaquin, Laboratory Block
80-100 Field Jaquin, Schivarliere
72-93 Field Jaquin, The Mohrgus
77-98 Field Jaquin, Torture Chamber
35-50 Field Jezebel Glen
80-127 null Katovic Snowfield
None City Kielce
115-118 Field Kielce - Night
130-130 Field Kielce - Training Camp
130-130 Field Kielce - Training Camp (Night)
None Field Kielce, Martial Law
None City Kielce-Laboratory
None Field Laboratory of Dr.Torsche
107-110 null Lago Celeste
70-90 Field Lava Plateau of Jaquin
None City Los Toldos
130-140 Field Lucifer Castle, Basement Laboratory
130-145 Field Lucifer Castle, Basement Warehouse
None Field Lucifer Castle, Entrance
130-136 Field Lucifer Castle, the Reception Hall of Oblivion
150-150 Field Lucifer, Banquet Hall
135-150 Field Lucifer, Death Corridor
121-138 Field Lucifer, Moonlight Garden
130-137 Field Lucifer, Secret Garden
None Field Lucifer, Twisted Spacetime Room
58-85 Field M. Dr.Torsche, Grand Library
56-82 Field M. Dr.Torsche, Reception Hall
54-78 Field M. Dr.Torsche, Savage Garden
105-120 Field Mansion Dr.Torsche, Annex
105-108 Field Mine Passage
130-130 Instance Mission: Chrysalis
110-110 Instance Mission: Demonic Bahamar Underground Dungeon
100-100 Instance Mission: Demonic Jaquin Dungeon
None Instance Mission: Demonic Medusa
120-120 Instance Mission: Demonic Minotauros
120-120 Instance Mission: Demonic Occulta Dungeon
100-100 Instance Mission: Demonic Porto Bello Dungeon
110-110 Instance Mission: Demonic Secret Tower Dungeon
None Instance Mission: Demonic Secret Tower Dungeon
110-110 Instance Mission: Demonic Sedecram Dungeon
100-100 Instance Mission: Demonic Skeleton Dungeon
125-125 Instance Mission: Demonic Sphinx
110-110 Instance Mission: Demonic Tubkal Mine Dungeon
120-130 Instance Mission: Dr.Torsche's Mansion - Basement
104-109 Instance Mission: Hellbreaker
139-143 Instance Mission: Jaquin Basement
105-110 Instance Mission: Lava Leaf
100-100 Instance Mission: Mansion Dungeon of Demonic Dr.Torsche
120-120 Instance Mission: Tower Dungeon of Demonic Ice Wizard
110-114 Instance Nest of Jormongand
110-121 Field Occulta Fortress
110-123 Instance Occulta, Room of General
68-130 null Old Port of Coimbra
50-65 Field Outside Gigante
None City Pegadilla
90-90 PK Forced Poison Yard
None City Port of Coimbra
None City Port of Gigante
36-54 Field Porto Bello
44-52 Field Porto Bello, Hidden Deck
43-50 Field Porto Bello, St. Cathrina Saloon
41-61 Field Porto Bello, The Cabin
38-58 Field Porto Bello, The Deck
43-64 Field Porto Bello, The Hold
76-84 Field Pradera de Ceniza
125-125 Field Rafflesia
107-108 Field Reboldoeux Culverts
1-6 Field Reboldoeux Stone Pit
None City Red Hat
105-110 Field Rio Albi
62-65 Field Rion Dungeon Corridor
65-69 Field Rion Dungeon Hollow
40-70 Field Rion Plain
97-97 Field Room of the Dead
None City Royal Guest House
None PK Disabled Royal Road
None null Rumble Fight (Secret Temple)
58-130 Field Sacred Dungeon
115-127 PK Disabled Sacred Sedecram Dungeon
115-127 PK Disabled Sacred Sedecram Hiding Place
100-102 Field Scorching Plateau
100-100 PK Forced Secret Temple
102-118 Field Secret Tower 1F
102-110 Instance Secret Tower 2F
104-107 Field Secret Tower 3F
None City Secret Vault of Arsene
118-120 Field Shelter of Resistance
108-130 Field Silent Maze - 1F
108-130 Field Silent Maze - 2F
130-135 Field Silent Maze Sanctuary
110-115 Field Snowfield of the Ice Wizard
31-40 Field Tetra Antiquities Room
40-40 Instance Tetra Avernus Road
29-43 Field Tetra Catacomb
29-44 Field Tetra Golden Road
31-43 Field Tetra Grand Chapel
None Field Tetra Hideout
22-32 Field Tetra Hill
23-35 Field Tetra Ruins
25-40 Field Tetra Ruins, Grand Corridor
None Field Thueringen Lakeside
49-70 Field Thueringenwald
None null Tierra De La Sed
118-122 Field Tierra Putrefacta
100-107 Field Tierra de los Muertos
104-107 Instance Top of Secret Tower
97-104 Field Topolo Durga
130-130 Field Tower of Ice Wizard - 1F
130-130 Field Tower of Ice Wizard - 2F
130-130 Field Tower of Ice Wizard - 3F
130-130 Field Tower of Ice Wizard - 4F
130-130 Field Tower of Ice Wizard - 5F
115-135 Field Tower of Ice Wizard, Parlor of Novia
1-1 Field Training Center of Soldier of Reboldoeux
150-150 Field Truman's Secret Laboratory
None Field Truman's Secret Laboratory
130-130 Field Truman's Secret Workshop B1F
134-134 Field Truman's Secret Workshop B2F
100-112 Field Tubkal Mine
140-140 Field Twisted Time: Imperium Arma
None Field Twisted Time: Imperium Glory
140-140 Field Twisted Time: Imperium Rex
None City Ustiur, Base Camp
90-90 Field Ustiur, The Farm
84-103 null Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Area 1
86-104 Field Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Area 2
89-105 Field Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Area 3
98-105 Field Ustiur, Ustiur Jungle Area 4
65-84 Field Vegas Javier
128-145 Field Bernier Mainsion, 1st Floor
132-150 Field Bernier Mansion 2nd Floor
None Field Bernier Mansion, Entrance
102-104 Field Via Fluvial
None City Villa de Libertad
None City Viron
109-128 Field Viron, Blood Fog Forest
115-125 Field Viron, Crow Forest
108-125 Field Viron, Red Sunset Forest
98-98 Field Whirlpool of Flame
None Field Wreckage of Heaven Way
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