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Granado Espada
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Ustiur, The Farm (Level 90-90)

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10 m
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Ustiur, Base Camp (I11)
  •  Monster spawn point
  • Grito Fuera — S.F.A

SOFTStructureLevel 90 Golden Egg Sorghum

Soft Armor
No Attribute
HP: 1596
EXP: 0
No Attack
Sees invisible
Knockback proof
ATK: 0
A.R.: 45
DEF: 66
D.R.: 45
Fire RES: 0
Ice RES: 0
Lightning RES: 0
Mental RES: 0
Abnormal State RES: 100
Respawns after 1sec
Maximum population 14 (100.0%)

Drop Summary (does not include all boss drops)

Monster (Max Quantity / Kills)
it_e_corngood Golden Corn Golden Egg Sorghum (1 / 5)
it_e_corn Golden Egg Fruit Golden Egg Sorghum (1 / 5)
it_e_cornbranch (Quest) Branche of Golden Egg Fruit Golden Egg Sorghum (1 / 1)
it_e_corngood (Quest) High Quality Golden Egg Fruits Golden Egg Sorghum (1 / 1)
Auto-Reload Deactivated

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